How to Plan The Perfect Weekend in The Catskills

How to Plan The Perfect Weekend in The Catskills

Let me start off by saying that everyone needs to plan a weekend getaway in the Catskills. Whether you’re working 40 or 80+ hours a week, spending a couple of days in the mountains will do your soul some serious good. It doesn’t have to be just the Catskills! The beach might have the same effect, but just keep in mind that whatever destination you choose, please make sure that you plan some R&R time. We all deserve it. You owe it to your mind and body. To be honest, I never knew how much I needed it until I arrived in Saugerties, NY!

When Joseph and I were planning our usual weekend visits, I thought that it would be a good idea to escape the norm. To leave work and our home behind for just a couple of days. Something we do not usually do. My goal was to be somewhere far away (but kind of close) enough to leave all my worries and stress behind. I was exhausted beyond belief; burnt out mentally from working over 80+ hours a week. Not healthy.  Let this be your first step: de-stress from everything in your life and figure out exactly what will help you relax and unwind. This is mental health that we’re talking about! #selfcare

Without further ado, let’s get started on planning this weekend getaway!! I know you’re all eager to hear about the Catskills!! 


Joseph and I decided right off the bat that we did not want to stay in a hotel. We wanted a home away from home. Believe me when I tell you that we spent about two weeks searching online for an Airbnb. After endless hours, we FINALLY found the perfect place. To be honest, it was one of our highlights of this weekend. This house was phenomenal. Even though we were both about 3 hours away from home, this home really made us feel incredibly cozy. It was our home away from home. This is the direct link to book the home on HomeAway: — our weekend upstate would honestly not be the same without this home. You must stay here to really understand what I’m talking about!!! Take my word for it. Thank me later. #notsponsored

Added some adorable photos of the house! How cute?!


The best part about the Catskills is that you’re completely immersed in nature, which is pretty much the point. You’re surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, beautiful trees, and AIR. Yes, the best damn air you’ll ever breathe in your life. When I came back home, the air just wasn’t the same. Yes, I realize how weird that sounds, but…the air was so much cleaner. I highly suggest planning an outdoor activity that you or others would enjoy! Depending on the area that you stay, (Catskills is huge) there are so many trails and mountains to hike. If hiking mountains isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay too! There are plenty of other fun activities to do! Luckily for us, Saugerties was the perfect location. It was an adorable, cute small town to explore! However, if you are planning to hike a mountain(s), Saugerties is perfectly and conveintly located in the middle of the Catskills region. 

Our challenge for the weekend was to hike a mountain; something we’ve never done together! Hunter Mountain. Boy, oh boy. What. A. Hike. Naturally, me being overdramatic when I say this, I honestly feel like I have PTSD from this hike… It was strenuous, incredibly challenging, but energetic and electric at the same time. This is your fair warning. This mountain is not for everyone. The scale of 1-10 on difficulty, it’s a 12. Joe and I severely underestimated this mountain! We found out later that it is by far the most difficult mountain in the whole Catskill region. We climbed over 4,000 feet for these incredible views: 

The hike took about 5 hours round trip. Plan to get here early. We left in the morning and ended the hike around 4 or 5 PM. Your biggest regret will be coming down this mountain in the dark. Wear comfy clothes and really good sneakers!

 All in all, I will say that it was worth it for that incredible view. It’s also something “fun” to do as a couple. In a weird way, we kind of bonded? I did complain about 85% of the time to Joseph for making me do this, but when we finally reached the top…it…felt… INCREDIBLE. 4,000 feet later, we climbed an enormous mountain. Honestly, I didn’t think that I had it in me, but determination and motivation go a long way. And Cliff bars!!!! Those helped SO much (chocolate chip is the best flavor, don’t argue with me).

Aside from Hunter Mountain, Kaaterskill Falls was also on our itinerary! Side note: the weekend we traveled upstate was impeccable timing because of the Fall foliage!!!!! Peak season! The trees had a warm, beautiful shade of dark green, orange, red, and yellow. I was wicked excited about witnessing this in person and obviously capturing photos on my new iPhone 11 Pro Max (putting the social in Social Raph, am I right?). For the record, these photos came out absolutely insane.

Kaaterskill Falls is poppin’. Be prepared to fight with someone over parking because this place is super popular on the weekends, but I totally understand why after seeing how beautiful it was. 110% worth it!!!


This is super important!!!! And I’m talking about real quality time, not the bullshit type where you both are sitting on the couch scrolling mindlessly on Instagram while pretending to watch the movie you put on.

Before I traveled upstate, I told myself that I would *try* to disconnect from social media….not just for my relationship, but for myself. It was hard. That’s when I realized how disgusting and unhealthy our obsession is with our phones these days. Put the damn phone down and be present. Joseph and I don’t get to see each other often, so it’s very important that we value and respect each other, not social media. The same holds true to any relationship.


Right down the street from our rental is the downtown center of Saugerties. We had breakfast almost every day at Love Bites — aka the most amazing place ever!! The food and coffee were phenomenal. It does get very busy, so plan to get here early!! The eggs benny are to die for, but the best part was the latkes. I honestly had no idea what the hell a latke was, but oh my latke!!!!! I would drive three hours right now just to eat those babies again. Ugh. Seriously, come to eat here! You won’t regret it. 

After breakfast, walk next door! There’s an incredible local book store with a wicked cute cafe inside! It was almost like a Barnes & Noble, but better! Family owned and an impressive selection of books. I’m a book nerd, (literally inside Barnes & Noble right now writing this post) so any store with books is a store that I’m marching to.


Ah, the infamous town of Hudson. I’ve had my eye on this town ever since we planned to visit the Catskills. Saugerties was a short 20-minute drive from Hudson, so we decided to spend Sunday afternoon here! The absolute cutest small town with a great downtown area. Endless antique shops, great coffee and bakery shops, and my absolute favorite part, a book store that serves alcohol. Y’all know how much I love my books and rosè. I was in heaven. You must visit this place if you ever make it out to Hudson!

And that my friends is how you plan a successful weekend getaway in the Catskills!!! I loved this place so much and I plan on coming back in the Winter! 

Please message me if you have any related questions, I know a couple of people were looking into booking/planning a trip soon.

I love these kinds of trips not only help us relax, but they help us realize the bigger picture. You have a moment to breathe and fully enjoy the things that you want to do. Life is not just about work. Even though it can slowly consume your entire life, we shouldn’t let it ( I seriously need to take my own advice). We need to make more time for things that make us happy! Honestly, I hope that this post helped you! If not, I hope that it inspires you to visit the mountains one day and be one with nature! I’m already dreaming of the next weekend getaway hiking another difficult mountain. Life is beautiful. I remember saying that to myself a lot when I was up there. Take the time to enjoy the little things. Cue “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. Fin. 


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