The Start of Something New.

November 15, 2019. My first client: Horizon Insurance.

Many people have asked me about the story of how I started working with the fabulous Orieta Kristo, founder of Horizon Insurance. It all started with an email.

November in Massachusetts can mean three things: cold temperatures, Christmas music, and snow. I knew that my 10-year-old Nissan Murano would not survive another brutal winter, therefore, it was time to look into a new car. 

New car = car insurance. Cue Horizon Insurance.

I remember emailing Orieta and asking her to quote me on the car that I was looking into. Within minutes, she wrote back to me. We continued going back and forth until eventually we started briefly talking about my previous job at a different insurance agency near Boston. At the time, I was their Social Media Strategist. Orieta knew the owners and praised me for the work that she saw online. One thing led to another, and suddenly I was in Orieta’s office. We started to talk more in depth about social media and how crucial it is for a small business. When you market small businesses on social media, depending on the industry, it can be challenging to put yourself out there in a creative way. In Orieta’s case, not only was she the sole person creating content for social media, (which is extremely hard to do when you have a million responsibilities) but how exactly do you market insurance on instagram? It’s certainly not easy and it requires a thoughtful and extensive strategy. As the conversation continued, we both knew where this was leading. 

I left her office that day with an open heart and mind. Orieta was extremely interested to know more about my marketing skills (or as I like to call it, marketing magic) and I was honestly just very excited and happy to have someone listen to me. I finally felt that I had someone who understood and felt the passion behind what I did. Someone who wanted to implement that passion to their business. 

I never ended up buying the car. What I received in exchange was beyond my 

I had one more meeting with Orieta. We met at Nu Kitchen a couple weeks later where we drank raw juices and talked for hours on end about Horizon’s potential on social media. I drafted up a proposal that took me DAYS to accomplish. I was beyond nervous to have her read it, but she meticulously paid attention to every detail. It meant the world to me that someone was even giving me the time of day when it came to Social Raph. Sure, I had multiple businesses on my resume, but I truly did not feel qualified enough. I did not feel confident to take this leap of faith, but that is what this post is all about. We all have to start somewhere.

The meeting was a success. 

I remember feeling so grateful at the fact that someone just gave me the opportunity to do what I love to do. It was mind-blowing. My heart felt so full. What started out as an idea turned into reality. 

This is the first picture I took of the amazing team which truly captures their personality and dynamic at the office:

it was my first time “in action” and I was full of bliss. 

Since I started, we have all grown to become a family. Orieta and the girls have welcomed and embraced me with open arms since day one.There is so much love in that office. I truly could not feel more blessed to have Horizon as my first client. From a marketing standpoint, we’ve experienced tremendous growth and it’s amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come. Here’s to the future and to many more years of making insurance fun and simple. 

Orieta, thank you for this incredible experience. It’s been an honor working with you and the girls. 

Your first will always be special. 




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